Seiko watches presents with a wide range of elite watches for everyone. The Japanese brand has watches for different categories such as quartz, chronograph, sports, dress, divers, and field and military watches. Though the prices seem aggrandized, but these watches are worth the price. To cater your feminine grace, these watches has different sizes for both males and females. For females the size is generally around 24 mm, while for men, it is between 36 and 38. The unisex collection sizes in between both the male and female sizes and is a perfect choice for those who want gender neutral watches. The formal collection that comes under Dress Watches leaves you with a perfect choice for your formal events. The most intriguing thing about Dress watches is their comparatively small dials that gives a very graceful look to one’s personality which makes it a little pricier in contrast to other options. If you’re someone who’s major concern is finding a watch that can escape water damage, Seiko Diver’s water resistant watches are a blessing for you. These watches are specially designed for Divers, with slightly large dials and hours marked with shapes such as bars or triangles which makes it easy to check time even in underwater. Last, but not the least, the military watches are for people with very active routines. They are designed to be simple and can also tell the temperature. No need to carry a stop watch because these Field watches are here to do that as well. Besides that, it also has features such as self-adjusting timings, which makes them even better for different time zones. In short, original seiko watch are the best choice to maintain your class and look graceful.